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Teledyne e2v | Business Development Manager Eastern US, Space Imaging

JOB DESCRIPTION – Business Development Manager Eastern US, Space Imaging 

Company Overview
Teledyne e2v, part of the Teledyne Imaging Group, is a global leader in specialized components and subsystems for innovative solutions in medical, science, aerospace, defense and industrial applications. Working with us will enable you to develop and gain experience in the ideas that are behind some of the most advanced technologies in the world. You will also work alongside highly experienced scientists, engineers, technicians, and business professionals. With a long and enviable history of technical and scientific innovation, Teledyne e2v is always working at the forefront of technology.

Space Imaging
Our products observe the Earth from space, enable the discovery of distant worlds, provide the improved understanding of life sciences that we enjoy today, and make measurements at the quantum level.

The Space Imaging group is a global leader in specialized imaging devices, components, subsystems, manufacturing and engineering services, and an engineering consultancy for innovative solutions in space, defense, scientific and industrial applications.

Our capabilities and heritage span custom and standard CMOS, infrared, COTS+ and CCD imaging sensors and sub-systems used for Earth observation and the largest space telescopes, through to ground and space based communications systems. With an eye always to the future, we are leading in the commercialization of quantum timing and sensing technologies for space, defense and industrial applications.

Position Summary and Responsibilities

The business development manager role for the Space Imaging business unit is wide ranging, requiring a mix of skills, experience, and personal selling, influencing and relationship management characteristics.

The role will suit a highly motivated and strategic thinker who is able to build and manage a strong network to nurture and sell to our client base in the US and Canada. This will require collaborative working with colleagues in the US as well as with the team in the UK to ensure a coordinated approach to market.

Ability to sell existing and new propositions to differing accounts and market segments. The technologies will be wide-ranging, and the customer base will include government agencies, academia, OEMs, primes and startups.

Whilst agency and major prime account management is a critical activity, increasingly small startup relationships and lead cultivation is also critical across all market segments. The ability to manage and prioritize near-term big-ticket items and future business growth and sales pipeline regeneration is also a critical skill.

A key aspect of the role is, feeding the product development process with inputs that allow the company to adapt to changing situations and dynamic customer requirements, and finding solutions by leading the Teledyne team to think of new and appropriate ways to meet customer needs with a profitable outcome.

The business development manager will lead, take responsibility, and provide drive for the complete sales cycle, i.e. from campaign design to lead generation, through to value selling, bid, order booking, and delivery for specific territories and account, businesses, agency and government bodies in the Western United States.

The accountability of the role includes:
 Contribute to the organization’s sales plan and own personal order intake and revenue targets
 Grow and nurture opportunities from idea to new product platform and portfolio
 Develop and grow the sales opportunity pipeline, supporting the team’s business development managers and wider Teledyne profit and loss owners
 Develop business development plans which include proposition, sales plan, risks, barriers and budgets
 Maximize strategic account revenue, and develop mature accounts into strategic accounts
 Find and onboard new market application opportunities and new customer accounts
 Ensure the highest standards of customer support at all stages of the sales lifecycle
 Oversee and where needed manage the customer proposal requests to completion
 Represent Teledyne at industry events, and seek and exploit opportunities for increasing capability and brand awareness

 Provide market intelligence and present in a suitable way to all levels of the organization with the aim of influencing the business react to opportunities and market conditions
 Act as a conduit for multi-directional network access and opportunity building for the global Teledyne

To succeed in this role, you shall be able to demonstrate the following skills:
 Experience and understanding of the space ecosystem and key players
 Knowledge building and sharing, responsibility, negotiation, and adaptability
 Strong presenter, negotiator, and influencer with excellent written and verbal communication skills
 Organized with attention to detail, driven and motivated by results
 Understand customers business, applications, and value propositions
 Curious and inquisitive
 Value selling

Ability to work on government programs shall be considered and security clearance checks may be required depending on territories assigned and Teledyne office locations frequented.


 5 -10+ years working in a sales/business development and marketing environment
 Relevant degree or equivalent experience preferably in technical and engineering disciplines
 Experience of imaging technologies or ability to quickly grasp key technical principles through personal research and discussion with technical internal points of contact
 Experience in closing complex sales
 Post-graduate qualifications from recognized institutes (ideally level 6 and above), desirable
 Wide network of applicable contacts and experience of creating new networks rapidly
 Experience in the development of value propositions
 Experience in designing and presenting compelling presentations and proposals
 Experience in strategic marketing and business activities, data collation and dissemination
 Understands and has experience effecting the marketing mix and marketing principles
 Experience in lead capture, account cultivation and account management for a global business
 Strong team player
 Experience in the use of CRM and lead management tools

Job Description – Regional Manager

This Regional Manager role will entail the establishment of a local MaxIQ Space subsidiary as a B-Corp in Maine. Therefore, the job responsibilities will include a mix of managerial, legal, and financial duties.

The ten most important responsibilities or activities for this role are:

  • Business Registration & Legal Compliance: Complete all the legal formalities for registering the local business in Maine as a B-Corp, ensuring that it meets both state and federal regulations, as well as any additional requirements for global subsidiaries.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop a comprehensive business plan for the region, including market research, sales targets, and a growth strategy aligned with the global business objectives.
  • Financial Management: Open a local bank account and set up all necessary financial infrastructure, including setting a budget, allocating resources, and financial reporting to the global office.
  • Team Building & Leadership: Hire, train, and manage a local team to run the day-to-day operations. Develop a company culture in line with the B-Corp principles of social and environmental responsibility.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Identify and engage with key stakeholders including potential clients, partners, and local government agencies to establish strong working relationships.
  • Sales & Business Development: Take charge of customer acquisition, contract negotiations, and partnership deals. Ensure that sales targets are met and seek out new revenue streams for growth.
  • Project Management: Oversee the successful implementation of Space STEM projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and in compliance with quality standards.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Regularly update the global headquarters with performance metrics, financial reports, and other key indicators. Analyze this data to identify areas for improvement or expansion.
  • Public Relations and Branding: Represent the company at local events, tradeshows, and in the media to establish and maintain a strong brand presence in the region.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: As a B-Corp, integrate social and environmental objectives into the business strategy, including any community outreach or sustainability initiatives.

By carefully executing these responsibilities, the Regional Manager will be crucial in ensuring the local subsidiary not only meets its business objectives but also aligns with the ethical and social goals associated with being a B-Corp.

We are looking for an enterprising individual who will build this regional business to serve the market and community. This will include hiring and managing the local team, possibly the successful candidate will have built their own business in the past.

Posted on Aug 22, 2023.